Building Projects Come to Life Frame-by-Frame

If you have a construction project and want to archive the process, there is no better way than to use Promontory Insight’s time-lapse surveillance video option to record an image every few seconds, every minute, or every hour. At the end of the project, you’ll have an engaging time-lapse presentation of your building rising out of its foundation to include in your marketing presentations and post on your website.

Additional value can be found for developers in remotely viewing daily on-site activity or reviewing reports with snap-shots of building progress. Whatever the case, having a real-time connection to your various properties is invaluable throughout the construction and development phases.

HD1080 Video example with resolution up to 4K

Engaging Video

Time-lapse videos of the construction process help to attract tenants to a new building.


Marketing Materials

When marketing your development projects, its always eye-catching to have the time-lapse video of the construction project.


Project Management

Throughout construction, architectures teams will need regular progress reports, and time-lapse images illustrate the project’s progress to date.


Safety and Security

With video surveillance cameras on-site, incidents can be verified, whether it’s a planned visit by cleaning crews or other approved visitors, or a security breach or workplace accident.