Thermal Imaging Detects Temperature Variations and Heat Signatures

Promontory Insight’s Thermal Surveillance technology makes it possible to detect human and vehicle activity in the distance based on heat signatures. By identifying variations in temperature, a thermal camera can identify body and vehicle heat under the cover of darkness, behind the tree line, or camouflaged in the bushes.

Thermal video cameras detect radiant heat, which means that intruders who believe they are roaming free under the cover of darkness will be detected by our ISOC professionals. Thermal imaging cameras can cover large areas and can operate at any time of day and in any weather condition.

Thermal solutions see through the darkness and behind the tree line, detecting intruders attempting to breach your perimeter.

Enhanced Detection Capabilities

Video cameras equipped with thermal imaging capabilities offers heightened detection and identification of intruders and suspicious vehicles.


Security in Total Darkness

Intruders attempting entry under cover of darkness will be instantly detected with thermal imaging video cameras, even when night vision cameras are fooled.


Protect Large Areas

When monitoring large areas or long distances, thermal cameras literally put a red mark on an intruder, making it easy to trigger alerts and identify threats.


Accurate Alerts

By leveraging thermal imagining, you get more accurate alerts since the technology sees  through all the anomalies and focuses on temperature variations.