State-of-the-Art Technology Protects Your Property Boundaries

Long perimeter fence lines present unique security challenges that are best addressed with long-range, high-resolution cameras, video analytics, and Artificial Intelligence.

Promontory Insight uses state-of-the-art cameras that detect intruders up to one mile away. These specialized cameras capture megapixel-clear images with automated recognition of people and vehicles. Fixed cameras combined with Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras provide automated long-range and wide-range visibility for optimal perimeter security coverage.

Promontory Insight delivers the widest range of spatial coverage and deployment flexibility, enabling improved situational awareness with fewer cameras and less infrastructure. By leveraging AI, cameras have the ability to rapidly detect and track multiple intruders or events.

Promontory Insight changed the game for perimeter monitoring by leveraging AI, providing superior quality and results compared with traditional video alerts.

Why Perimeter Surveillance Works

Your security begins on your outermost boundaries where early detection is the key to preventing threats.


Technology at Work

Specialized cameras utilizing Artificial Intelligence and video analytics give Promontory Insight’s customers the most up-to-date security platforms available on the market.


Eliminate False Alarms

With AI and advanced video software analytics, our deployment approach eliminates the majority of false alarms caused by inclement weather, animals, insects, light glare and debris, allowing our ISOC operators to focus more effectively on genuine threats.


Clarity at Long Distances

Specialized cameras can detect people and vehicles up to one mile away, even in harsh weather conditions.