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A great solution to address security for a location that isn’t easily accessible to AC power are Promontory Insight’s solar solutions. They are not only economical, but provide a green solution that reduces your carbon footprint, especially when compared to diesel generators, which are often used to provide power in rural areas.

Promontory Insight solar solutions can be mounted virtually anywhere, have a low, unobtrusive profile, advanced battery technology, and include a backup generator. They are the perfect solution for locations that require video monitoring don’t have access to AC power.

Our self-contained solar solutions are managed and monitored by our talented video monitoring professionals from our 24/7 (ISOC) Interactive Security Operations Center. By combining AI and Deep Learning with the Promontory Insight security professionals, our solar solutions provide the same, advanced security regardless of their placement.

No power, no problem.

When traditional, AC power isn’t easily accessible, Promontory Insight has solar solutions to ensure your remote sites will enjoy the same, advanced levels of security as those on the power grid.



Whether it’s a mobile unit or equipment mounted on poles or walls, Promontory Insight can turn a lack of readily available AC power into a security powerhouse with the readily available power of the sun.



Promontory Insight solar solutions provide a self-contained security option that relies on the most readily available renewable energy option.


No Compromising Security

Whether you’re relying on AC power or the power of the sun, Promontory Insight’s solar solutions take advantage of advanced analytics and today’s leading-edge technologies, like AI and Deep Learning.