Self-Contained Units Offer Complete Security Coverage at Remote Locations

Promontory Insight’s mobile video surveillance units are self-contained systems with dedicated power supplies that can be dropped off at virtually any location. Mobile surveillance units can employ all the same cutting-edge technologies that Promontory Insight offers: Artificial Intelligence, thermal imaging, PTZ cameras, and an Audio Voice Down intercom that can be heard up to a quarter of a mile away. When an incident occurs, our ISOC team can proactively notify intruders that they are being watched and recorded, deterring any further activity. Promontory Insight’s mobile video surveillance units support up to four cameras for 360-degree monitoring of activity on your site.

Mobile units provide security solutions for locations that lack easy access to power or connectivity. Promontory Insight’s dedicated power solutions can be added when power is inaccessible with advanced battery technology and an optional backup generator. When connectivity is unavailable, Promontory Insight uses a unique technology to compress video over cellular networks, providing ISOC personnel real-time alerts and the ability to view incidents while broadcasting audible commands.

Promontory Insight’s mobile video surveillance units are the perfect security solution for large parking lots with short-term issues, remote construction sites, temporary event venues, and remote locations where power and connectivity are inaccessible. For the mobile unit, Interactive Video Monitoring services provide 24/7 security with all the features of a physical installation.

Secure Mobile Video Surveillance Units for the Most Demanding Environments

Security should not be comprised due to location and the availability of reliable power and connectivity.


Self-Contained Security Solution

As a complete video surveillance solution, simply roll a mobile unit onto your site and you are instantly connected to Promontory Insight’s command center.


On-Demand Video Surveillance

Meeting the short-term video surveillance needs of our customers —  such as monitoring issues in a parking lot, securing construction materials, surveilling pop-up entertainment venues, fairs, carnivals or holiday season traffic — is just a call away.


Remote Locations

Flexibility in deployment options with self-contained units accessing cellular connectivity offer remote sites — such as oil fields, construction projects and wetlands — the same security options as urban centers with easy access to connectivity and power.