Know More About the Vehicles Entering Your Property

Using specialized optical software, Promontory Insight’s License Plate Recognition (LPR) solution captures license plates data with incredible accuracy in just seconds — even on vehicles traveling up to 55 miles per hour. Armed with this information, you can check license plates against employee access lists or even national blacklists to trigger alerts on vehicles trying to access your property. LPR cameras can even capture license plates in low light and harsh environments.

Integrated with Access Control and Gate & Door Remote Management, our LPR solution can grant users access to controlled areas without the intervention of on-site staff or Promontory Insight’s ISOC personnel. Logging and counting features are fully automated — tracking all vehicles coming in and going out — so you know who is on-site at all times.

Compare License Plates with Lists of Approved or Prohibited Vehicles

Automated access control for pre-approved vehicles and immediate notification of prohibited vehicles is standard in Promontory Insight’s License Plate Recognition (LPR) solution.


Controlled Access

License Plate Recognition is a great way to automate site access by allowing only authorized vehicles to enter parking lots and garages or back up to loading docks and warehouses.


Automated Notifications

Receive notifications when vehicles are identified as they enter your property followed by strict protocols to vet valid or invalid entry permissions, blacklisted vehicle types, phoned-in password required, audio voice down, or law enforcement notification as pre-defined in clients’ preferences settings.


Triple Verification

Provide access to guests via card access, visual verification and license plate recognition – a trifecta of security precautions.