Attention to Detail is What Sets Promontory Insight Apart

Promontory Insight’s installation team has one purpose in mind: to install a seamless deployment with no disruption to your business and limited truck rolls for repair in the future. With every cable pull, decisions must be made around the best route, building modification, and aesthetics. For every device installed, you need mounting, power, and ease of access all within scope definition. Don’t leave anything to chance. Promontory Insight’s team has seen it all and has answers to ensure a smooth installation both indoors and outdoors.

Promontory Insight’s complete turnkey installation services provide NVR, storage, alarm integration, access control, surveillance cameras, specialty camera equipment, networking, and more.

Professional Team

Promontory Insight only hires experienced industry technicians for installation services, which means you are receiving an unquestionable knowledge base for installation services. They have seen everything and know exactly what to do. When leveraging our extended subcontractor network, we certify third party technicians and only utilize those properly trained on Promontory Insight’s approach.


Don’t Cut Corners

There is more than one way to install cables and equipment. Promontory Insight choses to do it the right way providing you longevity in your system using the right tools and processes for a premium install.


Discreet Approaches

Our insight and experience allow us to design and install solutions that achieves your security objectives without telling the world about your security / surveillance capabilities.


On-Site Support

Worry-free installation and on-site support provide the confidence you need to ensure your security surveillance platform operates at 100% efficiency from the moment it goes live.