Personal Safety and Security at Your Fingertips.

Wherever you are and whatever your occupation, it is always best to stay secure. Never feel alone again with IncidentGO, world-class safety and surveillance in your pocket.

IncidentGO is an intuitive mobile app that connects personnel with on-demand video monitoring professionals at Promontory Insight’s Interactive Surveillance Operations Center (ISOC) to ensure their safety.

With IncidentGO, the simple click of an icon quickly checks you in with Promontory Insight to make sure we are aware of your situation in case something goes wrong, sending GPS coordinates, audio and video updates, discrete two-way chat, and a panic button feature.

Employee Safety

IncidentGO is crucial for the modern-day workforce. If your work requires you to step outside the office, it is always best to stay secure. Now, with IncidentGO you can always ensure 24-hour personal security for employees. From real estate agents showing homes to utility employees servicing customers, the potential applications are endless.

IncidentGO is not purely limited to the workforce either, once registered IncidentGO provides around the clock personal security whenever and wherever you are.

IncidentGO keeps your personal safety in your pocket.

PERSONAL SECURITY FOR EMPLOYEES IN THE FIELD is great security solution for professionals whose careers require them to spend time alone in the field.


On-Demand Security

When you need a second set of eyes, Promontory Insight is just a click away. Even in remote situations, your cell phone can be a lifeline in a crisis.


Easy-to-Use Mobile App

With IncidentGo, our intuitive mobile application for Android and iOS, individuals can easily check in and stay engaged with Promontory Insight’s ISOC professionals when going into potentially dangerous situations.


Emergency Button

With the simple push of a button, law enforcement and security personnel are immediately notified, and a  user’s precise GPS location is transmitted.