Large or Small, We Have a Design for You

Promontory Insight’s design experts can overcome the most complex challenges. It begins with a comprehensive evaluation examining your property’s most vulnerable areas during an on-site review to understand your day-to-day needs and challenges. Our certified team of experts takes a consultative approach, listening to your concerns and working with your employees to deliver a comprehensive design.

Our innovative approach can deliver remote surveillance solutions once thought impossible.

No electricity? No problem. We can design and build a dedicated power source that can run all your on-site equipment.

No connectivity? We have the capability to deliver cellular access in the most remote environments by leveraging 5G networks.

We know your security concerns can’t wait, so we deliver our recommendations within 72 hours and can begin implementing our recommendations immediately to give you peace of mind.


Promontory Insight’s full-service approach is unmatched in the security surveillance industry because we work collaboratively with each client to design, build, install and manage the best solutions available.


Quick Answers to Problems

We know you can’t wait to get the answers you need so we commit to provide you with complete proposals in a timely manner to ensure budget deadlines and ownership approvals are not delayed.


Proven Experience

Our certified team not only offers the best credentials in the industry, but they possess years of experience, putting them on the forefront of their peers.


Tested Technology

We only recommend the best hardware and software applications in the industry that can withstand the demands of the most challenging environments while delivering exceptional results.