AI and Video Analytics Elevate Camera Performance

Promontory Insight’s use of Artificial Intelligence and video analytics at the camera level trigger alarms in real-time at our Interactive Surveillance Operations Center (ISOC). By leveraging object detection and classification rather than simple motion detection, Promontory Insight quickly identifies threats to your property with reliable accuracy.

AI filters out camera noise caused by inclement weather, blowing leaves, insects, animals, changes in lighting – any movement or activity not related to a genuine threat. This greatly reduces false alarms and operator “alarm fatigue.”

By validating all activity on-site and at the ISOC, Promontory Insight’s team focuses on real events, providing better response times from law enforcement and thorough investigations when needed.

Video Intelligence identifies, tracks, notifies, and archives

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Deploying State-of-the-Art Technology

By leveraging state-of-the-art technologies like AI and video analytics. we maximize your chances to prevent a crisis.



Smarter Analytics

Promontory Insight uses software that analyzes and classifies trespassers, sending meta data to the ISOC when real threats occur.


Post-Process Intelligence

Promontory Insight runs post-process intelligence on all events, helping to identify security threats that should not be in the cameras’ field of view.


Tracking Everything

Promontory Insight leverages camera tracking technology, so when video arrives in the ISOC, the team is presented information showing the direction of movement of an intruder or vehicle.