Alarms are Just the Beginning of an Integrated System

Promontory Insight monitors traditional alarms for businesses, but that’s only the beginning. We visually verify an event if an alarm sounds, then work with law enforcement throughout the event to achieve resolution.

With laws changing in many cities across the country, visual verification is a necessity for police to even respond. What this means is without visual verification, police consider a burglar alarm to be the lowest level priority. With visual verification, it’s another story. Now, the event is considered a level-one priority, and the police arrive prepared to make an arrest.

When Promontory Insight provides a complete solution to secure your property, we eliminate the need to respond to a traditional burglar alarm by taking a proactive approach voice down and notifying police prior to the incident escalating.


A smarter connection between the front line of security and the professionals protecting your property.


Integrated Solution

Promontory Insight extends the reach of traditional alarm systems with complete integration with the surveillance and access control platforms driving the safety and security of your facility.


Visual Verification

In many cities, an alarm gets no response from law enforcement unless there is visual verification. Promontory Insight manages the relationship between alarm, verification and rapid police response.


Do More with Security

By integrating the latest technology with your traditional burglar alarm system, you can now access reporting, remote management, real-time notifications and tie into cameras with ease.