An Access Control System That’s Easy to Use Yet Deters Unwanted Intruders

Take control of your facilities through an Access Control platform that provides numerous security options. Select the method of access to your facility, key cards, key fobs, biometrics, mobile phones, or remote verification. Promontory Insight provides State-of-the-art solutions with flexibility for the future addition, removal, or change to configurations and users.

Working with the leading hardware and software developers in the security industry, your guests can now leverage hand, fingerprint, facial recognition, Bluetooth, RFID, and License Plate Recognition to gain access to doors and gates with little to no entry delay.

Tell us your challenges and Promontory Insight will provide an integrated solution with remote management for access control, security and surveillance. Also, see Managed Access for remote management of your system from the Promontory Insight ISOC.

For camera surveillance management you will want to consider Video Management Services to maintain your NVR and camera solutions.


Promontory Insight’s comprehensive Access Control platform secures every entry point and is monitored by our trained video monitoring professionals backed by the latest technology.


Flexible Technology

Access Control should allow for additions, deletions and changes on the fly as you change your configuration. IP integration provides this level of updates and management to your platform.


Advanced Reporting

Pull detailed reporting by a variety of parameters, including employee or department, and for any time, day, or date. Integrate your surveillance platform for reporting with visual verification.


Remote Management

Whether for doors, gates, ramps, or elevators, Promontory Insight can help you manage control remotely whenever access is needed.