Crystal Clear Audible Warnings that Deter Intruders

Once Promontory Insight personnel identify an intruder, your best line of defense is an audible warning from operators in our ISOC to remediate the situation. Frequently referred to in the security industry as “The Voice of God,” the Audio Voice Down capability deters trespassers by making them aware that our security professionals are watching and recording their every action. Audio Voice Down warnings can also be pre-recorded in different languages.

Leveraging Audio Voice Down in conjunction with live video surveillance both indoors and outdoors at remote sites serves as a preventative measure to deter unwanted guests. The reaction from an intruder to an Audio Voice Down is as you’d expect: Surprise and fear that someone is watching them and that police are on their way.

Audio Voice Down technology is an effective deterrent when bundled with Interactive Video Monitoring, creating a proactive solution rather than a reactive response.

Enhance Security with Audible Warnings

Audio Voice Down deters crime with high success rates when coupled with real-time video surveillance.


Audible Warnings Change the Game

Adding audio changes the surveillance game when you can broadcast commands and warnings to remotes sites to inform intruders that active surveillance is in progress and law enforcement has been notified. All interactions by ISOC operators with intruders are recorded and archived as evidence if needed for prosecution.


Audio as a Deterrent

Recorded or live audio broadcasts can deter crime once intruders are detected on your property. Intruders will flee once they know law enforcement has been alerted and is on the way.


Music Stops Crime

It’s a well-known fact that simply playing music over loudspeakers at a site deters vagrants and trespassers from lingering near your property.