A Vigilant Companion Ensuring Safe Passage On-Demand

Promontory Insight’s Virtual Watchman protects employees in vulnerable situations by remotely escorting them to their destination leveraging live video monitoring and audio. Ensuring safety is paramount in many situations – such as a lone female, last employee to depart, high-value retail, and cash-intensive businesses – that require aid to ensure passage and assist safe arrival to their destination without worry.

Promontory Insight’s Virtual Watchman service delivers the level of safety, comfort, and peace of mind that you must provide. Using live video surveillance, our ISOC professionals first survey the surroundings, then monitor the situation as personnel leave the facility and arrive at their destination. Employees feel safe knowing someone is always watching and protecting their well-being and can respond to any situation.


Your employees will thank you knowing someone is always looking out for them and can intervene if anything were to happen as they leave the office.


Employee Safety is Paramount

Have your employees’ well-being in mind as they move from work to their car, moving through the mall, parking lot, large open spaces, especially at night when no one is around to assist if needed. Promontory Insight is your watchman every night seeing what you can’t.


Theft is a Concern

If you work in high dollar retail like jewelry, you are most vulnerable at end-of-day as your lock the doors. Don’t close for the day alone, let Promontory Insight manage the process with you always overseeing what you can’t, in the parking lot and around the next corner.


When You Need Assistance

Virtual Watchman are not for everyone, but if you have a concern with a vagrant outside, a vehicle parked in the lot, or had issues earlier in the day, you might want an on-demand Virtual Watchman just to have some peace of mind to get to your car and head home.


Last Out and Lone Employees

Depending on your property crime statistics, your employees may require another set of eyes always watching to safely get them to their car at the end of the day. This service is nice to always have available for employees when and if it’s necessary.

High Value Retail

Don’t get surprised by someone outside the store as you close for the night. Let Promontory Insight provide visibility to your surroundings prior to leaving for the night. If you are transporting cash or managing high dollar merchandise, you do not want to be caught off guard to become a victim.

Large Spaces

When its dark outside and you have to walk a long distance to your car, it’s nice to have someone always overseeing your journey, looking ahead and providing feedback on situations that might arise. Knowing that security and police are only a call away provides peace of mind to anyone in a high stress situation.