Virtual Tours by Trained Remote Operators Deter Illegal Activity

Promontory Insight’s Virtual Tours are a disruptive alternative to on-site security guard personnel who walk the property, parking lots, or warehouses on predetermined schedules. Virtual Tours are conducted by surveillance professionals remotely who review every camera location for predetermined criteria. These Virtual Tours are conducted often throughout the night much like onsite personnel, except leveraging advanced technology like advanced Artificial Intelligence, night vision, and thermal imaging, seeing what a human might not detect.

Virtual Tours can be scheduled events or random surveys of the premises providing unmatched security. Remember, between Virtual Tours, your cameras are still at work providing Interactive Video Monitoring alerts. The value of this approach allows Promontory Insight professionals to notify loiterers and potential criminals that their activity is being monitored and recorded.


Promontory Insight’s Virtual Tour service addresses the problem most companies face regarding security: how to justify the cost of hiring guards to secure facilities and assets after hours.


Cost Savings

With Virtual Tours, companies get more tours throughout the night and better response times to events than they would with physical security guards, as well as an immediate cost savings that leads to quick ROI.


On Time and Complete

Security cannot be left to chance, it must be thorough and comprehensive in order to be effective. Promontory Insight runs a tight timetable with scheduled Virtual Tours, detailed incident reports and thorough investigations.


Higher Quality Service

The caliber of overnight security guards can be inconsistent, with high turnover and training costs adding up quickly. Promontory Insight provides of level of consistency you can count on.

All Properties Can Benefit from Virtual Tours

Industrial & Manufacturing Sites

Industrial & Manufacturing facilities usually cover expansive areas that can take a considerable amount of time for security guards to tour effectively after hours. And doing so means leaving their post, requiring more than one onsite guard. There is too much at stake for industrial and manufacturing companies to not use Promontory Insight’s Virtual Tour service.

Large Parking Facilities

If your facility has a parking deck, places for vagrants to locate or open-air spaces to monitor, Virtual Tour services will save time and money compared to driving through the facility searching for vehicles and people left behind.

Retail and Outdoor Venues

During business hours typical on-site security will manage high volume public spaces, but at night, these locations sometimes are targets for individuals intent on causing businesses trouble. Leverage automated Interactive Video Monitoring and Virtual Tour services to guarantee security of your facility.