Promontory Insight Is In The Vanguard Of Providing Security Vigilance

Promontory Insight provides an alternative to on-site security but at a fraction of the cost by leveraging some of the best technology available. Virtual Guard services deliver immediate ROI and elevate your security with complete visual monitoring of the site with response to alerts in real-time. For large sites requiring some on-site guard/concierge personnel, Promontory Insight’s Virtual Guard option allows you to staff fewer onsite personnel providing significant savings.

Promontory Insight leverages cameras, audio, lighting, and gates to manage the remote incident, deterring crime or escalating and notifying law enforcement.

If an incident requires law enforcement, Promontory Insight maintains visual contact of the perpetrators and communicates with onsite officers until the incident is resolved.

Promontory Insight’s Virtual Guard service keeps your facilities, assets, and employees safe throughout the day and night. Our trained Interactive Surveillance Operations Center professionals are experienced at protecting a wide range of facilities in multiple industries. And when management or law enforcement requires access to video archives, the Promontory Insight security professionals can deliver, even providing in-depth investigative services.


By deploying event-based video monitoring, video analytics, audio intervention and other alarm monitoring services, Promontory Insight provides a comprehensive, end-to-end Virtual Guard solution with a hard-hitting response.


Save on Security Guard Costs

Whether you have on-site personnel or contract drive-by guard services, Promontory Insight’s Virtual Guard service will create real ROI immediately with superior response times and the professionally managed resolution of incidents.


Protect Larger Areas

Monitoring large facilities or fence lines can require lengthy guard tours or multiple personnel for effective coverage. By leveraging remote camera technology and Artificial Intelligence you will get an enhanced response time compared with on-site personnel.


Law Enforcement Response

When Promontory Insight calls, local law enforcement listens. Video verification is a requirement in more and more cities for police to respond. Virtual Guard services provide police officers video verification from the ISOC about the incident, which escalates all calls to their top priority.


Commercial Properties

If you own or manage a commercial property―small retail outlets or large shopping complexes―you need to provide elevated levels of security. Vulnerable perimeters, parking lots and garages all require the same high level of security day and night. Promontory Insight’s Virtual Guard service can monitor a wide range of sites, from auto dealers, multi-family dwellings to hospitality properties.

Construction Companies

A construction site sits idle approximately two-thirds of every weekday while expensive equipment is openly displayed for all to see. Employing a security guard, or guards, to watch construction sites after hours is cost-prohibitive and sometimes marginally effective. Promontory Insight’s Virtual Guard service provides superior visibility with quick response to automated alerts protecting your property.

Laydown Yards

Laydown yards are in a constant state of flux, providing intruders a limitless number of opportunities for theft. For most facilities, onsite guards are far too expensive and drive by guards have limited visibility when needed. Promontory Insight provides timely response to alarms based on human and vehicle detection providing real protection throughout your entire facility.