When Every Second Counts, Get a Quicker Response With Promontory Insight’s Video Verification

More and more, local law enforcement agencies are requiring video verification of alarms prior to dispatching personnel. Because more than 98% of burglar alarms are false alerts, agencies want to ensure their officers respond to verified threats.

Along with maintaining the most highly-trained and talented video monitoring professionals in the security industry, Promontory Insightuses advanced analytics and Artificial Intelligence to immediately determine if a real, verified threat is occurring. With that information available, law enforcement will respond to threats with an immediate sense of urgency. It is about preventing crime, not just reporting the incident after the fact.

In most cases, Promontory Insight has an existing relationship with the local police department where our calls are a priority because the police know when we call, an arrest is likely with supporting video evidence.


What separates Promontory Insight from other security companies is video verification. We verify events prior to dispatching law enforcement and provide all the details of the situation.


Faster Response Times

By verifying the threat, law enforcement will respond faster response because the call will be escalated. Eliminating delays increases your odds of arresting the criminals.


Prevent Crimes

By leveraging innovative camera AI technologies, Promontory Insight prevents crimes before they occur, ultimately notifying police with Video Verification.


Evidence is Archived

Not only does Promontory Insight verify an alarm event is real, the entire incident is archived as evidence for law enforcement to use in the prosecution of criminals.


Commercial Real Estate

When you are a target with expensive inventory, you need immediate response to anyone at your front door. Promontory Insight will likely be connected and watching the incident prior to entry. This approach provides your best chance with police enroute for an arrest.

Multi-Family Residential

Incidents happen throughout large properties like apartment communities. Car break-ins, accidents, unwanted guests are all perfect situations for Video Verification services to notify police for immediate response to crimes taking place. Since these are not alarm events, they would go unnoticed without the combined services of Interactive Video Monitoring to trigger events leveraging real AI.

Convenience Stores and Hospitality

High traffic locations like convenient stores and restaurant chains require a higher level of response during the day to alarm incidents and throughout the evening with unwanted guests. Promontory Insight can deescalate the situation while identifying perpetrators for police who are enroute while Promontory Insight personnel continue to monitor the situation.