Let Promontory Insight Ensure the Uptime of Your Security Network

Security surveillance systems are complex and require constant monitoring to ensure everything is working when you need it most. Promontory Insight’s Proactive Health Check ensures that every NVR, hard drive, security device, sensor, and camera is functioning at 100% with regular checks throughout the day, ensuring uptime.

These checks are a combination of automated server services and human visual inspections that guarantee functionality. If we find a problem, a tech team is dispatched to service and/or replace hardware. This is just one of the many performance maintenance services that Promontory Insight provides in the background.

Guarantee Uptime with Promontory Insight

A Proactive Health Check ensures your security investment provides long-term protection for your property, personnel, and customers.


Fix Unknown Issues Now

Is all your security equipment running efficiently? Most people have no idea. They simply assume it is… until the day an incident occurs and they find out it’s not working properly.


Tame Complexity

With technological complexity comes the potential risk of failure. Promontory Insight provides state-of-the-art technology that in most cases is run by automated services, Internet, outbound notifications, AI, Edge technologies and much more. Let us handle the intricate details why you concentrate on running your business.


Uptime is a Requirement

Without all systems running in unison, you are blind to events taking place on your properties. From the Internet connection to Edge technology running on IP cameras, everything must be synchronized to send notifications when something happens.

Who Needs Proactive Health Checks?

Multiple Locations

If you own or manage multiple properties ― from a facility, a business park, or high-rise office building ― your need to provide elevated levels of security directly affects your bottom line. Perimeters, parking lots and garages, and alleys need to maintain the same, high level of security as the main entrance.

Complex Networks

A security network consists of multiple pieces and required experienced technology professionals to test and manage upgrades. Our security professionals carefully test security solutions – whether it is a multi-story building or a sprawling facility that covers dozens of acres – our staff constantly monitor the health of your equipment.

Remote Sites

Remotely managing your security and surveillance saves money and focuses your staff on your core business. Your security network can be tested virtually saving rather than dispatching staff to travel long distances to check equipment.