Controlling Access to Your Facility, Managed Remotely by the Experts

Managing access for employees —  whether it’s in the form of a key fob, key card, badge, or biometrics access point — can be taxing for companies due to high turnover and changes to access lists. Promontory Insight’s Managed Access Services option maintains current security privileges, access control lists, and one-day passes for all your sites. 

When you need to change security rules for personnel access to your facility, simply call Promontory Insight and we will update and manage all your sites remotely.

If you need a temporary single or multi-day pass for a contractor, guest, or employee, it’s just a simple call to activate or deactivate access to one or many IDs.

For camera surveillance management, you will want to consider Video Management Services to maintain your NVR and camera solutions.


Access to your facility can change every day, and you need a real-time solution to update employee and guest access at will.


Time Savings

Promontory Insight easily manages the daily operations of property access — either pedestrian or vehicular —  at all your sites through our Managed Access Services option.


Manpower Requirement

Typically, security personnel are pushed to the limit with tasks that need to bet accomplished. Managed Access Services puts Promontory Insight in control and is less taxing on your team.


Skillset Requirement

When Access Control is assigned to one person and they leave the team, your technology is at risk for unauthorized additions, deletions and other changes.


Employee Turnover

If your company is like most companies, you have new employees coming in daily, along with some existing employees that need to be removed from your building’s access list. Promontory Insight manages and monitors access systems for you, removing the burden of daily management.

One-Day Pass

If you have a contractor or supplier arriving or employees moving to another building temporarily, you need to quickly assign access that expires on a schedule.

Badge Distribution

With a card key access platform, you need to successfully manage badge IDs tied to specific employees. With employees coming and going in addition to temporary badges – all these situations require shipping and collecting to ensure security of a building.