Call On Promontory Insight’s Investigation Service When You Need Help

Our Investigation Service provides you with 24-hour access to a credentialed investigation team with deep experience in law enforcement and the ability to help solve crimes and internal matters. This service offers detailed investigations by reviewing archived video segments, uncovering the necessary information to resolve a crime or dispute.

Employee audits, accident investigations, insurance claims, internal theft and loss prevention, customer complaints, and criminal investigations can be accelerated with Promontory Insight investigators who leverage State-of-the-art tools to review hours of video with AI automation to deliver detailed reports and find answers.

If law enforcement or an insurance company needs video footage, our team of security experts will work closely with your organization to provide video evidence as needed.

Anatomy of an Investigation

  1. Customer request or Promontory Insight Investigation team identify an issue.
  2. Investigation team review hours of video from client site.
  3. Isolate event or issue.
  4. Work with law enforcement or customer to remediate issue and recommend steps for improved surveillance and overall security.


Our use of AI and advanced video analytics helps management and law enforcement get the evidence
required to solve crimes or internal matters.


Recover Equipment and Company Property

Enhance your ability to recover stolen property by helping law enforcement expedite investigations through alarms and video analytics.


Stop Internal Theft

Internal theft typically requires an investigation to research and study patterns when a crimes are committed by employees, contractors, suppliers or vendors.


Fight Frivolous Worker’s Compensation Claims

Sometimes the eyes in the sky tell a different story when it comes to validating workers compensation claims, saving you insurance money and time.


Retail Losses

The biggest security issue facing shopping centers and retailers is theft, whether from walk-in traffic or employees. Your only hope is reviewing video to aid in the investigation to resolve the issue. Promontory Insight’s use of advanced video analytics enables our video monitoring professionals to quickly sift through hours, even days, of video content to help law enforcement investigate theft faster and more thoroughly.

Large Facility Investigations

Inventory and site surroundings change regularly in these industries and it can be difficult to locate where and how thefts have occurred. Promontory Insight’s use of advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence can help detect people and vehicles with abnormal patterns.

Slip and Fall

Insurance fraud is hard on the employer and the insurance carrier. The Promontory Insight investigation team can review incidents and support or dispute the claims with video verification.