Artificial Intelligence and Analytics Change the Game With a Proactive Response to Events

Interactive video monitoring is the backbone of Promontory Insight’s Interactive Surveillance Operations Center (ISOC) service. By using cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence and Analytics, Promontory Insight provides heightened levels of security with technology that provides real insight into remote events before they happen. Our ISOC operators are former military and law enforcement personnel who take advantage of proven technologies to ensure your facilities, physical assets and employees remain safe and secure.

Promontory Insight is revolutionizing remote video monitoring by turning the tables on criminals with alerts in real-time to awaiting ISOC professionals. Alerts are immediately addressed with visual verification supported by State-of-the-Art Analytics to identify issues and elevate situational awareness.

When needed, audio communications can alert suspects that they are being monitored and their actions are being recorded and that security or police have been notified and are en route. Typically, this remote verbal warning is enough of a deterrent to neutralize the event and protect the property from theft, vandalism, or criminal activity.

That is why so many organizations turn to the security professionals at Promontory Insight who take advantage of today’s leading-edge technologies to control the situation day and night for you. This method of proactive response to events helps reduce losses significantly. Change the game and turn on Promontory Insight to protect and secure your assets.


Turn your cameras into a virtual security guard with 24/7 protection.


Save on manpower

Replace costly onsite personnel. Let Promontory Insight respond in real-time to automated alerts day or night. By providing this on-demand service, you not only have eyes in the sky but AI working hard for you that supports better accuracy than onsite security.


Proactive Approach

Stop crime before it happens with advanced technologies that recognize humans, vehicles and anything that is not supposed to be on-site. Promontory Insights sees what others can’t and resolves the crisis before it gets out of control.


Take Control

If you have issues at your site, Promontory Insight’s ISOC operators can vary their virtual patrol patterns to continuously deter threats, which will typically make the bad guys move on to another location.


Crime on Your Property

If you have persistent issues on your property, engage Promontory Insight to eliminate the problem. By remotely monitoring and proactively responding to automated alerts, Promontory Insight will change the security dynamics of your property to eliminate crime and vandalism.

Loss Prevention

If you are concerned with theft, let Promontory Insight be the eyes in the sky always protecting your property, assets and employees. Interactive Video Monitoring not only provides remote response, but archives incidents for review as evidence for law enforcement and insurance.

Quick Law Enforcement Response

Promontory Insight’s U.S.-based ISOC provides immediate response to crimes in process or developing events by alerting local law enforcement. Video verification allows for higher arrest rates and an on-site crime deterrent keeping your property safe.