Virtual Access Provides Real-Time Control Of Your Premises

Promontory Insight’s Gate & Door Remote Management services provide full control and maximum security regarding who has access to your facility or property. From our 24/7 Interactive Surveillance Operations Center (ISOC), Promontory Insight security professionals manage points of entry that require visual and/or audio verification prior to opening doors and gates.

By combining video cameras, intercoms, remote access, and specialized software, your employees, guests, temporary pass guests (vendors and suppliers) and unregistered guests can communicate directly with the ISOC team managing access to the facility on your behalf.

Gate and Door Remote Management leverages video and two-way audio through intercoms or phones to manage access points for gates and doors. Promontory Insight security professionals strictly follow customer-defined protocol when managing access for guests.


Promontory Insight’s comprehensive Gate & Door Remote Management solution can secure any entry point while providing access to employees and registered guests.


Easy Access for Guests

Customers define the protocols and access guidelines that Promontory Insight uses to manage access to your site. Your guests will quickly gain access with the proper credentials.


Financial Savings

Promontory Insight acts as an on-site virtual guard managing access to parking decks and entry points, saving you the cost of on-site personnel. Any request can be managed remotely by leveraging video and audio communications tied to an access control system at your location.


Higher Level of Security

When Promontory Insight manages access to your facility, you know you have eyes and ears watching over your property. All unwanted visitors are quickly identified and professionally managed.


Managed Parking

If you have a private or public parking deck with access control, you are going to have scheduled guests and troubled drivers that may need assistance to gain access to your facility. Leave those challenges to us with remote management of all your entry points.

Guest Verification

After hours if you need a second set of eyes to grant access to late guests, let Promontory Insight act as a concierge service at your entry points managing doors for employees, residents and guests.

Control Points

If you need to manage access for everyone in and out of your facility after hours when physical guard services have left, Promontory Insight is your answer with the highest level of managed access.