Every Second Counts When It Comes To Preventing Crime

Promontory Insight keeps a close eye on your facilities and physical assets, always ready to take immediate, action when you need it most. We are proactive — acting before a crime happens in a coordinated effort with security companies and police departments, providing a rapid response to real situations as we monitor in real-time and keep everyone up to date.

As soon as our Interactive Surveillance Operations Center (ISOC) professionals recognize a threat at your site, we immediately dispatch law enforcement and make them aware that they will be responding to a real, verified threat — one that requires immediate assistance.

In addition, we deploy audio voice-down alerts that typically deter unwanted intruders from causing damage to your property. This level of focus can mean the difference between the loss of life and property damage and a successful arrest.


By combining alarms, event-based video monitoring, Analytics and audio intervention, Promontory Insight engages law enforcement quicker to prevent crime, not just files reports after the fact.


We call, they answer.

Local authorities take Promontory Insight calls seriously because they know we have video verified the event and can guide them in real-time to the perpetrators. We have a high arrest rate.


Solving problems

You might have an issue with loitering that can be resolved with local onsite security patrols dispatched by Promontory Insight on demand –  not a crime, but a nuisance that can quickly be addressed.



Work with local security, Promontory Insight can dispatch drive-by security on demand only when vagrants, parking lot activity or unwanted behavior is found. By leveraging AI, alerts can be accurate and near real-time for best results.


Multi-Family Residential

When your resident’s safety is at risk, dispatching law enforcement immediately is of paramount importance. This is why Promontory Insight’s use of advanced Artificial Intelligence and Analytics is ideal for multi-family residential properties. We see the perpetrators in the parking lots stealing from vehicles and quickly identify and engage police.

Shopping Centers & Retail

Shopping centers and retailers face a huge security challenge – the onsite team cannot be everywhere. Large parking lots, parking garages and interiors must be diligently monitored to prevent theft and violence. By combining experienced professionals with camera automation, Promontory Insight can dispatch on-site security, on-demand.

Laydown and Industrial Yard

When you have valuable products in open air sites behind a secured fence, you are vulnerable to theft. Criminals take risks and a fence will not protect your valuable inventory. Let Promontory Insight stop the nightly raid on your inventory by dispatching police at just the right time. We see everything on your property.