Security When You Need It the Most

Promontory Insight gets results when you need them most. Alarm events are monitored from our Interactive Surveillance Operations Center (ISOC) where events are verified with quick notification to law enforcement. Promontory Insight works closely with local law enforcement agencies to ensure they get the information they need to make arrests and solve crimes. When we alert the authorities, they respond quickly.

Alarm monitoring combined with Interactive Video Monitoring and Video Verification services provides a comprehensive solution, along with trusted partners like Our high arrest rate, video verification services combined with our intelligent monitoring platform contributes to our stellar reputation with law enforcement.

When Promontory Insight alerts authorities, they know the threat is real.


We deploy event-based video monitoring, video analytics and Artificial Intelligence to engage law enforcement quicker to prevent and solve crimes, rather than just to filing a report after the fact.


Faster Response Times by Law Enforcement

Our use of Artificial Intelligence and video analytics uncovers verified threats, which means law enforcement will respond faster and with greater urgency.


Real-Time Video Monitoring

Law enforcement engagement occurs immediately after a verified threat is identified.


Immediate Threat Deterence

When it comes to crime prevention, seconds count. Our video monitoring professionals use state-of-the-art technologies to prevent crime  –  often before the first alarm is sounded.


Multi-Family Residential

When personal safety is at risk, dispatching law enforcement immediately is of paramount importance. This is why Promontory Insight’s use of advanced Artificial Intelligence and video analytics is perfect for multi-family residential properties. Our technology helps stop crimes before they can be committed. Our security professionals carefully design and deploy security solutions with each customer in mind.

Shopping Centers & Retail

Shopping centers and retailers face security challenges that can’t be addressed by solely using traditional security guards. Large parking lots, parking garages, and interiors must be diligently monitored to prevent theft and violence. By combining experienced professionals with Artificial Intelligence and Analytics, Promontory Insight can create and implement the perfect security solution for challenging sites.

Convenience Stores

Convenience stores and high traffic outlets have always been nighttime gathering places for teenagers and young adults, and that level of late-night activity has often created a breeding ground for crime. Whether it is theft within the store or illegal activities outside, these locations always present challenging security issues. While most have security cameras, they have done little more than help law enforcement investigate crimes that have already occurred. Promontory Insight dispatches law enforcement before crimes can take place.