The Alliance Partner Program is designed to offer dealers and integrators the opportunity to get into the fast-growing interactive video surveillance market without having to manage the back-end business.

This option allows a company to sell, install and keep 100% of the upfront revenue. Promontory Insight then owns the monitoring agreement and offers significant revenue sharing of the actively billed account. The dealer doesn’t have to worry about legal liabilities of video surveillance, managing service tickets, or even billing and collections. We take care of it!

And best of all, as an Alliance Partner, these dealers will have access to financing solutions that offer monthly payment options to the customer.



The Power of Surveillance

Times have changed, and basic alarm monitoring is no longer the way customers prefer to proactively protect their property and inventory. They want to leverage the most advanced technologies. Promontory Insight offers AI-based interactive surveillance and analytics to ensure authorities are notified with the most actionable information. Alarm dispatches with video footage attached are proven to increase police, fire, and emergency medical services response times.


Interactive Surveillance Operations Center

Promontory Insight’s Interactive Surveillance Operations Center (ISOC) is the backbone of our integrated technology and services. The Dallas-based ISOC is managed 24-hours a day, seven days a week by experienced security veterans who respond to incoming alarms by executing strict guidelines. The ISOC is the “mission central” of Promontory’s core services: highly advanced interactive surveillance services managing a wide range of emergency signals to commercial sites throughout the USA.


A Host of Vertical Markets

Our team of ISOC experts are educated on the variances that span commercial properties. Whether it’s a shopping center, scrapyard, auto dealership or energy facility, Promontory Insight’s team is well versed in over 15 vertical markets. We know what works best in each individual setting and can respond accurately in each unique situation.


Certified Video Surveillance Operators

Our ISOC operators have received the highest levels of training in interactive surveillance to ensure all incoming traffic is handled efficiently, resulting in quicker response times with more thorough information communicated to the authorities.


Proactive Management &
Daily Health Checks

Promontory Insight’s Proactive Health Check ensures every NVR, hard drive, security device, Internet connection, and camera is functioning at 100% capacity, with regular checks performed throughout the day to ensure maximum uptime. Surveillance systems are complex and require constant monitoring to ensure everything is working when you need it most. These checks are a combination of automated services and human visual checks from the ISOC guaranteeing functionality. If a problem is detected, a Promontory technician is dispatched to service and/or replace any malfunctioning hardware.


Monthly Operational Reporting

Our in-house experts have extensive relationships with municipalities across the country. We not only work with our dealers to provide secure data to law enforcement, but we also offer investigative services support to help authorities makes arrests.


Training & Support

To ensure that each property has the highest level of professional surveillance, Promontory Insight has developed training programs that assist our dealers through the process of installation and video activation with the ISOC. Every certified Promontory Insight dealer receives on-boarding training to ensure that both the project design and camera installation meet the highest ISOC standards.


Sales & Marketing

Promontory Insight offers dealers sales and marketing support services through our proprietary dealer sales portal. We provide customizable branded collateral, digital assets, presentations, and a wide variety of additional marketing materials to enhance your presence and build your brand in your community. And as the Promontory brand grows nationwide, new opportunities will be driven directly to our dealers.


Investing in Your Continued Success

If a dealer decides down the road that they would prefer to sell accounts to Promontory Insight, we have financing programs available just for that purpose: The Alliance Partner Program. This option allows dealers to sell contracts to Promontory instead of keeping them in-house, alleviating them of the responsibility of monitoring videos and responding to hardware service calls. Promontory takes care of it all. And the Alliance Partner program not only offers dealer funding options, but significant revenue sharing for the life of the actively billed account.


Join a Winning Team

Our team of professionals only win when you win! You will never be alone after joining Promontory Insight’s dealer network. Promontory’s regional leaders takes their relationships with dealers in their region seriously and work to resolve any needs quickly and efficiently? Our teams are standing by, ready to help you succeed. We want you to win with Promontory Insight!


This is the first step in a partnership that will transform your business. By teaming up with Promontory Insight, you are not just joining a state-of-the-art video surveillance and monitoring company, but an industry-leading marketing, promotion, and education engine that will help you quickly scale your business and grow your customer base exponentially.