Do You Want to Be a Part of the Growing Video Surveillance Market?

If you’ve ever wondered what is the next big wave in the security industry, you’ve come to the right place. With the advent of technology using both Artificial Intelligence and advanced analytics, more and more companies are realizing that video surveillance is the way to both protect inventory and increase safety at their businesses. Promontory Insight, a leader in the interactive video surveillance industry, has developed two solutions that allow alarm dealers and security integrators a chance to enter this growing and very lucrative industry. So, what’s the difference between the two programs?


Reseller Program

As a reselling dealer or integrator (D/I), you will own and manage the account with the end-user. While Promontory Insight handles the interactive video surveillance, the D/I is responsible for all back-end services: managing the billing and collections, handling technical support, tracking service tickets, as well as being responsible for any legal liabilities that may come with video surveillance monitoring. The reselling dealer owns the account, and Promontory Insight provides the “Power of Video Surveillance Protection.”

Alliance Partner Program

This program is designed to offer dealers and integrators the opportunity to get into the fast-growing interactive video surveillance market without having to manage the back-end business. This option allows a company to sell, install and keep 100% of the upfront revenue. Promontory Insight then owns the monitoring agreement and offers significant revenue sharing of the actively billed account. The dealer doesn’t have to worry about legal liabilities of video surveillance, managing service tickets, or even billing and collections. We take care of it! And best of all, as an Alliance Partner, these dealers will have access to financing solutions that offer monthly payment options to the customer.