Multiple Lines of Security welcome Guests Yet Deter Crime

Video surveillance at self-storage facilities protect your customers’ valuables and provides access for customers when needed. With integrated access control and surveillance technology, remote access can be granted at gates and doors with key fobs, card keys, license plate recognition, and much more.

While providing access to the facility, these technologies are smart enough to also protect your customers’ assets from unwanted guests. By recognizing activity, identifying vehicles and people, Promontory Insight has a real-time view of the site to lock down access in and out, control lighting, leverage audible notifications, and have police en route all before the thief realizes what is happening.

By communicating with on-site staff, nearby security, and police, the crime statistics continue to drop, and arrests continue to rise throughout the network of Promontory Insight customers.

Every Camera Becomes a Virtual Guard Leveraging These Services

Protect your customers’ property beginning with perimeter entrances to the lanes of storage lockers.


Interactive Video Monitoring

Using cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence and Analytics, Promontory Insight’s groundbreaking Interactive Video Monitoring service provides heightened levels of security with technology that provides real insight into remote events before they happen.


Virtual Tours

Offer a disruptive alternative to on-site security guard personnel who walk the property on predetermined schedules. Virtual Tours are conducted by surveillance professionals remotely who review every camera location for predetermined criteria.


Gate & Door Remote Management

Control entry points for maximum security regarding who has access to your property from our 24/7 ISOC.