Camera Intelligence Throughout Your Property

Promontory Insight secures office complexes, commercial parks and standalone businesses locations with our unique combination of industry-leading video monitoring technologies and innovative remote services. Our use of video analytics means our ISOC professionals are able to quickly respond to real, verified threats protecting your property, tenants and guests.

Automate garage access, control access to the building, secure the front building – all activities for Promontory Insight throughout the day. At night, Promontory Insight leverages camera technologies and automation to monitor when vehicles enter the property and keep a set of eyes on the trespasser – taking preventive measures to eliminate any threat.

With Promontory Insight, you will get State-of-the-Art technology keeping the property secure even in the worst of conditions. We leverage technology to automatically identify vehicle and human activity anywhere they travel. Taking action in real-time eliminates any risk to the property.

Every Camera Becomes a Virtual Guard Using These Services

Unique Technology Designed for Commercial Properties.


Interactive Video Monitoring

Using cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence and Analytics, Promontory Insight’s groundbreaking Interactive Video Monitoring provides heightened levels of security with technology that provides real insight into events before they happen.


Virtual Tours

Offer a disruptive alternative to on-site security guard personnel who walk the property on predetermined schedules. Virtual Tours are conducted by ISOC professionals remotely who review every camera location for predetermined criteria.


Gate & Door Remote Management

Control entry points for maximum security regarding who has access to your property from our 24/7 ISOC.