Promontory Insight Secures Your Property and Protects Your Home

Everyone should feel safe in their own home.

Promontory Insight’s experienced ISOC professionals leverage the latest innovative technologies such as Analytics and Artificial Intelligence that property managers demand, and residents expect and deserve.

One of the most important aspects of multi-family residential units is the safety surrounding the property. For years, surveillance has been used to protect individuals and families from unwanted intruders, but facilities with multiple points of entry make delivering a safe, secure environment almost impossible. That’s why so many multi-family residential properties have turned to the security experts at Promontory Insight. When combined with our suite of services – such as Interactive Monitoring driven by true AI vehicle detection, crime will be averted.    

Promontory Insight’s surveillance platforms can be used everywhere and at any time ―parking lots, playgrounds, laundry facilities, and gated entrances.

Every Camera Becomes a Virtual Guard With These Services

Residents feel safe at home and crime is minimized.


Interactive Video Monitoring

Using cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence and Analytics, Promontory Insight’s Interactive Video Monitoring service provides heightened levels of security with technology that provides real insight into remote events before they happen.


Virtual Tours

Offer a disruptive alternative to on-site security guard personnel who walk the property on predetermined schedules. Virtual Tours are conducted by surveillance professionals remotely who review every camera view for predetermined criteria.



You have 24-hour access to License Plate Recognition and a credentialed investigation team with deep experience in law enforcement and the ability to solve crimes backed up with verified video that provide details to resolve a crime or internal dispute.