Proactive Surveillance Platforms Deliver Heightened Security

Promontory Insight knows the key to protecting financial services institutions lies partly in the security platform’s ability to prevent crime before it happens. We understand that each facility is different and requires a customized solution to secure, control and notify.

A bank or regional branch requires a certain level of security and monitoring, but also an external set of eyes to respond to a panic button, alarm or just an unruly customer. This is where Promontory Insight steps in to notify police and disarm the situation before escalation.

Money is not always kept in the bank, and Promontory Insight monitors transactions at ATM machines when events take place triggering an alarm. It might be late night transactions, repeated pass code violations, or even detecting people doing something illegal, a quick communication from the ISOC will typically prevent escalation.

Every Camera Becomes a Virtual Guard Using These Services

Financial services expect security 24/7.


Interactive Video Monitoring

Using cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence and Analytics, Promontory Insight’s groundbreaking Interactive Video Monitoring service provides heightened levels of security with technology that provides real insight into remote events before they happen.



Our ISOC professionals immediately dispatch law enforcement and make them aware that they will be responding to a real, verified threat requires immediate assistance.



You have 24-hours access to a credentialed investigation team with deep experience in law enforcement and the ability to solve crimes backed up with verified video providing details to resolve a crime or internal dispute.