Promontory Insight’s Services Secure Millions of Vehicles from Theft and Vandalism

New and pre-owned car dealers present an enticing security threat. Few industries demand higher levels of security more than automotive dealerships. Millions of dollars of inventory are advertised daily and visible to everyone. Even if automobiles are secured behind fences, they are vulnerable to vandals and damage. Criminals can also access expensive parts that can be easily stolen. The need for the best security solution available is paramount.

Promontory Insight provides real-time video surveillance monitoring keeping a close eye on the inventory and facilities of automotive dealerships. The AI-driven platforms focus on real, verified threats filtering out unverified alarms. And when law enforcement is notified, they know they will be responding to a real event that is in progress with video evidence. As a result, response times are faster and the likelihood of arrest is elevated.

Every Camera Becomes a Virtual Guard Leveraging These Services

Auto dealers rely on Promontory Insight to protect new, pre-owned and expensive parts from vandalism and theft.


Interactive Video Monitoring

Using cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence and Analytics, Promontory Insight’s groundbreaking Interactive Video Monitoring service provides heightened levels of security with technology that provides real insight into remote events before they happen.


Virtual Tours

Offer a disruptive alternative to on-site security guard personnel who walk the property on predetermined schedules. Virtual Tours are conducted by ISOC professionals remotely who review every camera view for predetermined criteria.



You have 24-hours access to a credentialed investigation team with deep experience in law enforcement and the ability to solve crimes backed up with verified video providing details to resolve a crime or internal dispute.