Promontory Insight’s Expertise Protects Your Property

Many industries require another set of eyes to protect employees and customers both day and night. Across many industries, Promontory Insight comes alive after-hours protecting perimeter fence lines, outdoor assets, open air spaces and large warehouses. By combining automated AI camera technology and our Interactive Surveillance Operations Center (ISOC), Promontory Insight can truly deter crime before it happens through audible voice-down capabilities and preventative police dispatch – we stop the crime before it happens.

Promontory Insight is always ready to respond throughout the day providing backup when you need it most with a simple click of a button. Our 24/7 ISOC will immediately look, listen then react to every situation leveraging voice-down and police notification when required.

Replacing expensive personnel is also a need for many industries. When you replace onsite personnel or guards walking a property with Promontory Insight Virtual Guard services, the savings provide an immediate return on investment with heightened security capabilities. The real value is the cameras are always on high alert watching when you’re not turning every camera into a security guard.

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