Video Security Deters Crime Before It Happens

Promontory Insight monitors thousands of cameras around the country and provides real-time responses to incidents from our Interactive Surveillance Operations Center (ISOC) in Dallas, TX.

We provide the best law enforcement response times in the industry with a proactive approach to deter crime. We don’t wait until the crime takes place; we prevent it by leveraging the best technologies on the market.

Promontory Insight has consistently demonstrated growth in arrests and solving crime year over year because we verify every event proactively with video evidence that leads to successful prosecution.

A remote security and surveillance platform with Promontory Insight will save you money compared with traditional security services and provide peace of mind.

Interactive Video Monitoring

The best technology provides video verification through AI and automation at the Edge, with NVRs in the ISOC providing you the best solution on the market. By leveraging these technologies, we turn your cameras into virtual guards.

360 Solution

Our consultative approach ensures we are client-focused and responsive – providing quick estimates and 48-hour service responses. We provide 360 Services across design, deployment, management, support, monitoring, and investigations.


Our market-leading investigations team consists of former military and law enforcement veterans who aid you in resolving disputes and helping the authorities solve crime with video evidence.


From the onsite camera to the Interactive Surveillance Operations Center, Promontory Insight delivers a complete end-to-end video management solution that radically improves safety and security.