Our Applied Technology Makes A Difference

The National Interactive Surveillance Operations Center (ISOC) is the backbone of Promontory Insight’s integrated technology and services. The Dallas-based center is managed 24-hours a day, seven days a week by experienced security veterans who respond to incoming alarms executing strict guidelines for unmatched professional services.

Promontory Insight National Interactive Surveillance Operations Center

Specifically located in the central time zone, the ISOC provides coast-to-coast coverage while our veteran team ensures protocols are in place to safeguard your property. With generators and power, redundant network connections, and an offsite emergency location, the ISOC is prepared for any event.

By leveraging technology, the ISOC proves analytics enables video surveillance to work smarter, not only as a passive tool. With AI and analytics, the ISOC is overcoming human error by identifying what humans cannot see. Through our advanced analytics, technology processes large volumes of video to distinguish the data needed to prevent crime in real-time – identifying the bad guys, unwanted vehicles, trespassers, and threats hiding in the shadows.

Our Trusted Clients

Clients from multiple industries trust Promontory Insight with their security goals