Promontory Insight & Wireless CCTV End Construction Site Crime Spree

Rapid Deployment of Surveillance Cameras and Monitoring Catch Thieves in the Act


The thieves would come in the dead of night.

Thieves would shamelessly load up expensive construction material and drive away, never to be seen again. The losses were mounting for a large full-service construction firm at one of its sites in Oklahoma.

Security staff making prescheduled tours were ineffective in stopping the crimes so the company reached out to Wireless CCTV, a leading camera deployment firm specializing in construction projects, and Promontory Insight.

Wireless CCTV staff set up one of their trailers with a boom holding three video surveillance cameras with pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) capabilities. The cameras also were capable of thermal imaging to identify heat sources, such as humans who were trespassing after the site was shut down for the day. 

After the video cameras were deployed, security staff in Promontory Insight’s Dallas-based Interactive Security Operations Center (ISOC) would review any developments on the site. Analytics and Artificial Intelligence built into the camera system would alert staff of any unauthorized intrusions on the site.

Deep working relationships with local law enforcement would ensure a call from Promontory Insight would get top priority because authorities know any call from Promontory Insight would be backed up with video evidence.

Shortly after the cameras were deployed, an arrest was made and the nightly theft stopped (see video).

This was a great example of deployment of one of our trailers with Promontory Insight monitoring the video and law enforcement making the arrest

Adam Haworth, Executive Vice President of Wireless CCTV

For the past three years, the two companies have worked together to reduce crime on a variety of sites, from construction, demolition, laydown yards and industrial properties. Haworth says Promontory Insight’s ability to offer audio voice down capabilities and blue light warning deters crime and deescalates situations.

Promontory Insight is an integral part of our detect and deter approach to our security solutions

Adam Haworth, Executive Vice President of Wireless CCTV

By leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Analytics, Promontory Insight turns every camera into a security guard. Interactive Video Monitoring and a 360 Solution provides peace of mind while reducing costly overhead. Talk to the security professionals at Promontory Insight to learn what you can be doing differently.