Promontory Insight Halts Brazen Criminals

Large Roofing Supply Company Witnesses Dramatic Decrease in Attempted Thefts

The police helicopter hovering overhead stopped the thieves in their tracks.

When Houston police on the ground caught up to the thieves under the helicopter’s search light, they made the thieves turn around and return the stolen goods to the compound of the roofing supply company they had just fled.

The thieves were caught in the act by the professional security personnel at Promontory Insight. They were watching live video surveillance from the company’s Interactive Security Operations Center (ISOC) in Dallas. The staff were altered to activity by the artificial intelligence in the video cameras that something was happening on the perimeter fence of the supply company’s property.

Promontory Insight staff alerted Houston police to inform them of the attempted theft. To ensure they could track and capture the thieves, a helicopter was deployed. After the inventory was returned to the site, police arrested the thieves.

The reduction in crime at the company’s sites across the United States have been just as dramatic, from Florida, to Texas to Colorado. The company was experiencing thefts from their sites and their former security company was ineffective. The pattern was the similar at many of company’s facilities, whether they’re in Colorado, Oklahoma or Texas.              

The thieves stealing roofing supplies under the cover of darkness were brazen.

Sometimes as part of a gang initiation, they would drive a stolen truck through the front gate or park outside the property and cut through the fence. Inside an hour, thieves could load tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of inventory in the back of stolen vehicle and drive off into the night never to be seen again, until they returned for another haul.

Management noticed the Georgia-based security firm lacked follow up after incidents. They were great at selling a system and installing a system but lacked the ability to fix the crime problem. The alarm and equipment failures were just one indication of the company’s lack of performance. Their subcontractors in other States just didn’t feel a sense of urgency to halt crime.  

There was no immediate response by law enforcement. No video surveillance monitoring by trained security experts who could deter crime before it occurred.  

A Bulletproof Solution

Management needed an answer to the constant thefts. They knew the current situation wasn’t’ sustainable and when site-specific contracts were up for renewal, management gave Promontory Insight the nod. A few sites grew to more sites, and with success, that number has continued to grow at new and existing locations.

Promontory has been installing video surveillance cameras at the company’s sites regularly in several States as contracts expire. There is no reason to consider any other security companies.

They found the results were pretty striking pretty fast.  

The solution included primarily video surveillance cameras installed to monitor the perimeter of company’s properties. These cameras monitored any activity with thermal recognition and were able to pan-tilt-zoom on suspicious activity. Any alerts or alarms go directly to Promontory Insight’s Dallas-based Interactive Security Operations Center (ISOC) where experienced professionals review the video to assess and respond accordingly.

With Promontory Insight, everything goes to them and they take these intrusions personally because every single incident is a reflection on their company and how they perform

Vice President of Operations

One location had a break-in once a month resulting in about a $8,000 loss of inventory every time thieves drove away.

In the past year, the company has only had three attempted robberies – each one failed. During every attempt, the perpetrators were caught on video by Promontory Insight who immediately alerted police who were able to make timely arrests onsite. With video evidence of the attempted crime, those thieves are now in jail. “Once we deployed Promontory Insight interactive video platform, our property is pretty much bulletproof,” says the VP of operations.

By leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Analytics, Promontory Insight turns every camera into a security guard. Interactive Video Monitoring and a 360 Solution provides peace of mind while reducing costly overhead. Talk to the security professionals at Promontory Insight to learn what you can be doing differently.