Investigation Unit Offers Proactive Crime Deterrent

By TC Robinson

The property management of a high-end condominium unit was baffled by the claim. A resident was suing because she had been knocked off her motorcycle and injured by the electronic gate securing the entrance to the parking lot. The motorcyclist claimed the gate didn’t operate properly and suddenly hit her as she was entering the property.

The eight-foot-high iron gate typically moves slowly and methodically as it opens and closes along a 20-foot wide track. Management had never experienced any issues with the gate previously and turned to Promontory Insight’s Investigations Team for assistance. The property manager knew Promontory Insight had a camera monitoring the gate but could the incident footage be found to determine the facts around this lawsuit?

The request was turned over to the Promontory Insight Investigations Team who remotely accessed the camera’s archived footage and found a 28-second clip that revealed a different story. The video showed the motorcyclist stopping in the path of the gate while it was slowly closing. While the motorcyclist claimed she was struck by an erratic gate, Promontory Insight Investigations Team has proven the opposite was true.

In this scenario, Promontory Insight’s customer was spared a costly insurance claim – and the associated increase in premiums – and a possible court case. Now with the truth revealed, the motorcyclist is facing insurance fraud charges.

The 28-second clip was taken from thousands of hours of camera surveillance footage Promontory Insight archives every day. The Investigations Team knew what it was looking for and used artificial intelligence and video analytics to narrow down the time frame to identify the exact moment when the incident occurred.

The Investigations Team is unique and sets Promontory Insight apart from typical security companies or video monitoring companies. Frequently, when an incident occurs, companies will turn over hours of video and it is up to the client to sift through images hoping to find what they need.

Promontory Insight provides clients with 24-hours access to a credentialed Investigations Team with deep experience in law enforcement and the ability to help solve real crimes or even internal theft. This service can provide detailed investigations by reviewing archived videos which provide the necessary information to resolve the issue quickly.

The Investigations Team resolves a wide range of issues, from internal matters ranging from employees sleeping on the job to assaults and inappropriate behavior to workers’ compensation claims. Criminal investigations can touch the entire spectrum of illegal activities from homicides to acts of vandalism.  

Occasionally clients require expert testimony in court. The Promontory Insight Investigations Team consists of former law enforcement veterans, and we know exactly what to expect when we take the stand. Expert testimony adds credibility to the case content explaining how the video was recorded and archived to ensure it wasn’t tampered with nor edited.   

Courtroom testimony isn’t always necessary once we turn over video evidence. The truth is verified in the video and the case is quickly resolved.

Promontory Insight Provides a Proactive Deterrent

The Investigations Team also takes proactive steps to help clients reduce the chance they’ll be victims of crime. Through continued ongoing property analysis, the Investigation Team will identify vulnerabilities on-site

The Investigation Team also monitors crime statistics in clients’ local markets, tracking activities that may impact their business.

For example, if vehicle breaking and entering activity is trending in an area, additional measures may be necessary to deter crime, such as additional lighting in the parking lot or landscape changes to reduce chances of concealment. The unit could also suggest more frequent or timely security tours by personnel at the property or by Promontory Insight’s Virtual Tour service. 

Our close working relationship with local law enforcement has also given us the opportunity to stop crime in its tracks. Our ability to provide video verification of live events has prompted police to ask for our assistance in sting operations. Our cameras monitor sites in real-time and we direct police when to act, apprehend criminals in the act.     

About Promontory Insight

By leveraging artificial intelligence and video analytics, Promontory Insight successfully turns every camera into a security guard with a proactive response to events. By leveraging technology, Promontory Insight’s customers consistently reduce costs in manpower, guard services, and other traditional security expenses.