Promontory Insight Prevents Crime Every Single Day

From your cameras to our Interactive Surveillance Operations Center, Promontory Insight delivers a complete end-to-end security solution that protects your property, your employees, and your assets. Our approach is to focus on preventing crime before it happens through advanced camera technologies that recognize and even identify threats before they become incidents.

Learn about our Interactive Video Monitoring service to minimize your risk.

Interactive Video Monitoring

Interactive Video Monitoring is the backbone of Promontory Insight’s Interactive Surveillance Operations Center (ISOC). Cutting-edge AI combined with video surveillance provides real-time recognition of people and vehicles to prevent incidents before they occur.


Promontory Insight implements state-of-the-art technology to protect your site day and night. With real-time notifications to our ISOC in Dallas, TX, we provide a preventative solution with an unprecedented arrest record.


What makes Promontory Insight different is our unique approach technology. By leveraging AI at the Edge as well as in our ISOC, we have the ability to identify intruders — people or vehicles — before a crime is committed.


Promontory Insight engages quickly from our ISOC to voice down trespassers while simultaneously notifying local police and providing video verification. The result is consistent — eliminate the crisis and make an arrest. You need Promontory Insight.

360 Solution

Our 360 Solution provides customers with a turnkey security solution from design through installation and ongoing monitoring services. Promontory Insight has solutions to meet any business’ needs and budget, with long-term financing available.

Consult & Design

Promontory Insight’s design experts can overcome the most complex installation challenges. Beginning with a comprehensive on-site evaluation of your property, we explore your vulnerable areas to understand your day-to-day challenges. The end result is a thorough proposal and security system design that meets your objectives and your budget.

Installation & Deployment

The installation team from Promontory Insight deploy security, access control, NVR servers, cameras and networks based on custom designs. Our approach is to quietly and non-disruptively deploy new technologies throughout your facility, in many cases without anyone even seeing our team.

Managed Services

To put your new security platform to work, our ISOC team remotely monitors and responds to automated alerts from your properties, both securing and responding to requests to access the facility. Your property is now safe and secure.



Promontory Insight prides itself on high arrest rates stemming from unmatched Artificial Intelligence and video analytics that provide law enforcement the evidence necessary to apprehend criminals.



Local authorities prioritize alerts from Promontory Insight. Strong relationships and a sterling reputation mean that when Promontory Insight calls, police response is instantaneous.



When you need to investigate a situation or provide evidence to the police, Promontory Insight can provide the facts with supporting video and events that assure event resolution.



From the on-site camera to the Interactive Surveillance Operations Center, Promontory Insight delivers a complete end-to-end video surveillance management solution that dramatically improves safety and security.