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Intelligent Video Solutions
Robust video technology deployed on-site that improves security and operations using advanced software and equipment and remote surveillance leveraging Promontory Insight’s 24X365 Interactive Surveillance Operations Center taking advantage of industry leading pre-emptive analytic alerts.
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Interactive Video Surveillance

Real time event based video and alarm surveillance that identifies events in real time with automated response dispatch and operational intervention.


Promontory Insight Services.

Promontory Insight’s service combines event-based video monitoring, analytics, audio intervention, GPS tracking and other alarm monitoring services completing an end to end security and concierge offering .

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From the camera to the Command Center, Promontory Insight delivers a complete end-to-end video management solution that radically
improves the value of video surveillance.

Alarm & Monitoring

  • Virtual Escorts
  • Perimeter and Virtual Fence Monitoring
  • Audio and Illumination Intervention
  • Operational Security Audits
  • Event Based Presence and Situational Response